Silage, Balage Hay & Straw

For all your silage, balage hay and straw machinery needs we can provide:

  • Mowing Raking Wrapping (Square, Round & Individual)
  • Baling Claas 3400 (6 String Square)
  • Claas 3300 (6 String Square)
  • Massey Ferguson 3×3 (4 String Square)
  • McHale Round Balers
  • McHale Individual Round Baler
  • Fine Chop Grass, Lucerne & Whole-Crop
  • Windrowing
  • DM & ME Testing
  • Certified Portable Weigh Bridges

Drilling & Cultivation

When it comes to your drilling and cultivation requirements, we have you covered:

  • Amazone Precision Drill’s (12Row with an option to drill with fertiliser)
  • Amazone Cirrus, Disc Drill Air Seeder (6m)
  • Allen’s Custom Direct Drill (3m)
  • Allen’s Roller Drill (7m)
  • Horch Pronto, Disc Drill Air Seeder (6m)
  • Plough’s (7 & 5 Furrow Reversible)
  • Chisel plough (6.5m)
  • Maxi-till Aerator’s (6 & 3.3m)
  • Heavy discs (4.5m)
  • Simba express discs (5.5m)
  • Power harrow’s (6m)
  • Sunflower Cultivator (7m)
  • Kelly Harrows (9m)
  • Cambridge rollers (7m)
  • Grubber (3m)
  • Chain Harrows
  • Levelling Bar
  • Pipe puller

Muck & Slurry

If you need reliable muck and slurry machinery, we have:

  • Stirrer
  • Slurry Tanker
  • Muck Spreader


A wide range of truck & trailers to fit all cartage needs, including:

  • High & Medium sided bins
  • Stock cartage


When you need hard working harvesting equipment, we can assist with:

  • Fodder Beet Picking
  • Grain & Seed Harvesting
  • DM & ME Testing
  • Certified Portable Weigh Bridges


Providing equipment to support you with earthworks, including:

  • 10t & 20t Diggers
  • Cat Bulldozer D7E
  • Grader G720B
  • Vibrating Roller SD610
  • Volvo Wheel loader L22OE
  • Trucks & Trailers for cartage & spreading.

Feed Trading

Services provided for the buying and selling of all your supplementary feeds.

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